Medium Density Housing Projects

Scale and experience, places us in a unique position

Planing and construction of Multi Unit Developments

Our team are experts in the building and construction sector, and both the scale of our organisation and industry experience places us in a unique position to apply equal emphasis on attention to detail and meeting deadlines. We are a company built on customer satisfaction and understand the importance of working in close communication with you throughout the process of executing plans, construction, and the completion phase.

We can help you with:

  • Identifying land for development including feasibility study

  • Site acquisition

  • Construction viability

  • Planning consents

  • Sourcing legal and other professional advice

  • Liaising with local /state government bodies

  • Estimating costs to suit your budget

  • Construction to completion stages

  • Coordinating contractors

  • Building management

  • Designing and developing housing projects

Our clients include

  • New real estate developers interested in medium to large scale medium-density living projects

  • Developers wanting to add medium-density properties to their portfolio

  • Investors seeking single or multi-dwelling investment properties

  • Established real estate developers